ProTanks Group (trade name of FYM Holding BV) holds several innovative companies with a strong focus on fast-growing and proven technologies. As importer, distributor and partner we represent a number of international manufacturers but we also develop new products ourselves. Thanks to our central location in the port of Rotterdam, we have our main focus on the petrochemical and offshore sector. Our office is located on the former RDM site in Rotterdam.


The following companies are part of the FYM Holding

– ProTanks Trade BV | Carmel Corrosion – Concrete Canvas – EnviroRock – Gripple – SpillTackle – Tupoleum
– SpillTackle Europe BV | SpillTackle (import Europe)
– ProTanks Voice BV | Honeywell Voice M&I / DC
– ProTanks Tracker BV | SheqTrack

RDM Rotterdam is the hotspot for innovation in the port: this is where the manufacturing industry of the future is taking shape. The former shipyard of the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM) – where shipbuilders once worked on world-famous vessels like the SS Rotterdam – is now home to a range of exciting private-sector, education and research initiatives. In the heart of the port area – but still surprisingly close to the city centre – they work on a range of innovations that will contribute to a ‘smarter port’. This is complemented by a wide array of business and cultural events, making RDM a uniquely dynamic environment to work in.


ProTanks Group

Directiekade 15

3089 JA Rotterdam

The Netherlands


+31 10 307 6198